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Welcome to BSB Fantasies!
This is a Backstreet Boys fanfiction site. Most of the stories are about Brian but there's also some pretty good group stories too. Check out the links on the left to get reading. For site announcements, look down.

***Latest news***
8 August 2009

I've added some new hosted stories: Identical, which is a great Brian story, and Everybody, a group fic based on the infamous music video.

8 August 2009
The Lonely One is now up in the My Fiction section.

23 July 2009
Fatal Consequences is now up in the My Fiction section.

15 July 2009
More updates! I've added most of my short stories to the My Fiction section - this include a mini Sammy story called Christmas Time.

13 July 2009
Another update today! Just added Walking on Water to the my fiction section. And I've added more colourful Bleach pictures in various spaces about the site. No offence to BSB but the anime pics make the site more colourful and brighter than pics of BSB would!

13 July 2009
OK, all of the hosted story Blood Beautiful is up. Enjoy! Also, the My Fiction section has been done, but I haven't uploaded all of the stories yet. On the plus side, Sammy is now up.

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