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Neither myself nor my hosted authors know or own the Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities that may appear within these stories. Also, despite what happens in any story on this site we would never want any harm to come to them, their families or friends and we will support them no matter what we do.

All of the stories on this site are fiction only and we do not claim any of them to be true and we also do not claim that the representations of the boys and their families/friends within the stories are accurate either.

All stories belong to the author who wrote them and are their copyright. Do not steal them and pass them off as your own work. However, anything in My Fiction can be taken and adapted to another fandom, but ONLY if you ask my permission first and link back to this site. I hate it when people snatch and change without letting me know!

Do not take any stories form this site and put them on your own site without first obtaining permission from the relevant author/authors.

You are responsible for what you read on this site. All stories have ratings and warnings if needed. Pay attention to this and if you are unsure as to whether the story is right for you, don’t read it. Neither myself or my hosted authors will be held responsible if you are offended in any way. It is your choice what you read and there is enough information for you to make the choice. Parents be aware that you may wish to sit with younger children while they view this site to help them decide what they should and shouldn’t read. This site has stories of all ratings from G – NC17. All visitors should be aware of this and that many stories are for the more mature readers as they contain violence and swearing.

The slash stories with homosexual content have their own section and it is your choice as to whether you read them or not. There is a warning in this section of the site and it is your choice if you read them. Be aware that they are highly rated and some people may be uncomfortable with them. Those people are expected to be able to decide if they do or do not want to read them. No one connected to this site will be responsible for what you read, you have been warned! There are enough ratings and warnings on stories for you.

The banners/wallpapers on this site were created by me. Feel free to use them or whatever but please drop me an email to let me know and link back to this site.

Also I do not own the Backstreet Project or have any connection with Stan Lee media and neither do nay of my hosted authors. I do not own the pictures in that section of the site either. They were drawn by the creators of the Backstreet Project comic

I do not own the Discworld or have any connection with Terry Pratchett or his novels.

The layout this time around uses captures from BLEACH. I don't own that either, but it's so great that everybody should go and buy the DVDs and the manga.


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