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Walking on Water
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The air was warm for the night and was saturated with the sweet smelling aroma of blooming honeysuckle and blue wisteria that entangled and slipped through the colossal trees of the thick forest. A soft breeze faintly rustled the healthy, summer leaves as it blew through the night and lightly teased the surface of the cool lake.

The sun had long since faded and left the sky coated in a rich blanket of everlasting beauty and tranquil midnight blue that was scattered with the sparkling stars that smiled benignly upon the world. Darkness may have now descended upon the land, but the stars and the moon easily filtered through the canopy of everlasting green to light the ground and cast enchanting shadows that flickered like mythical creatures from tree to tree.

Trickling from the leaves, the water droplets ran in streams to the ground to give a private, soft layer of rain that would nourish all that lie beneath the lush canopy. Rain had fallen that evening and now lay glistening upon the thousand flowers; blue, violet, yellow, red and fiery orange petals provided a fresh carpet of gentle beauty. The dewdrops sparkled and shimmered with their own light as the thick moonlight reflected from them and cast a million sparkles into the air. Water caught in the huge leaves above now sought to escape and find the other life that rested below its high perch.

A soft trickling of water danced through the air like a soothing lullaby as water cascaded down the grey stones and into a pool beyond the trees. The surface reflected the stars above and looked so calm and smooth that it almost appeared to be unbreakable. It looked almost as if you could step out and walk upon it…

Softy he walked across the spongy ground, damp after the trickling of water from the trees above and he loved the way the thick, wet grass squeezed between his bare toes and sent shivers throughout his body.

He raised his head and felt the refreshing raindrops from the canopy dripping onto his face, sticking the fringe to his head and cooling his flushed skin. His eyes closed and he allowed the water to drift down his face in beautiful streams that tickled the soft skin of his cheeks. Breathing deeply he allowed the scent of flowers to penetrate his body and he stretched his arms out in rapture.

“Back again, Brian?” a gentle voice teased.

He smiled to himself and his senses were already heightened and sending ripples of pleasure through his body at her close proximity. He licked his lips, but did not turn around to face her yet. “You think I could stay away from this place for long?” he asked, staring up through the dense roof of leaves above to the strange constellations that glimmered in the sky and bathed his face in pale light.

Slender hands were suddenly massaging his shoulders and she pressed her body up against his back so that he could smell her perfume, a wonderful mixture of the forest scents that intoxicated his body and made him blind to everything but the reality that he inhabited now.

He could hear the smile upon her plush red lips and he hung on to the thought of pressing them to his own and tasting her sweet mouth. She breathed against his neck, teasing him with her sweet breath and making his body ache in desire for her.

“And what about me?” she whispered, her lips brushing against the side of his neck for a brief second, only for a second but Brian’s heart was already throbbing deep inside of him as he realised that there was so much more to come this evening. Her hands still rested on his shoulders but now she moved them down to rest upon his chest.

He finally turned and allowed her to see the playful smile upon his own mouth and the excited light dancing within his blue eyes. He gently slipped his arms about her lithe body and drew her closer to him.

“How could I ever stay away from you?” he said seductively.

She smiled and then her lips were softly pressing against his own. He delicately kissed her back, almost frightened in case she disappeared in front of him like she seemed to do every evening.

His arms gripped her tighter and the kiss quickly became more passionate and heated, causing him to moan in pleasure, even though they had barely begun.

She was suddenly tugging at his clothes and pushing him down to the soft grass. The second the hit the ground she was crawling on top of him and frantically pulling at his thin shirt. Eagerly he helped to remove it before he was reversing their positions, quickly before she had the chance to fight him and tease him like she always tried to do. She giggled as Brian held her arms back while he planted light kisses upon her face. He stopped for a second and breathed deeply, hardly daring to believe that he had this beautiful girl below him gazing at him with such a deep desire in her dark, mysterious eyes. He saw her bite her lip in nervous excitement like she always did before they made love. The same gesture never failed to make the burning fire flare up inside of his body as he pressed himself closer to her.

He gently ran his hands through the silky, dark hair before brushing it back from her face taking time to study her enchanting features and the eyes that pulled him into her. She mirrored the movement, her own fingers stroking his face before bringing him closer for a deep kiss that caused them both to sigh as the time of anticipation ended. Her pale fingers entangled in his hair to press him closer and he eagerly returned her passion before lowering his head to lick and kiss at the exposed skin of her neck.

He gazed into her eyes and smiled at her while his fingers began to work on the front of her dress. She leaned her face up to meet his lips in another kiss before her arms wrapped about him and pulled him closer, murmuring his name over and over again.

Brian allowed his body to succumb to ecstasy and nothing could have been more perfect then having her in his arms with the sound of the waterfall as a serenade and the breeze warm and perfumed by the scent of sweet flowers. These trivial things soon vanished form his mind and all he was aware of was her as he whispered his love for her over and over again. Each time the words flew from his mouth, he saw her lips curve into a beautiful smile as she realised that his soul belonged to her completely.

* * * * * * * * *

Exhausted Brian awoke from the dream, gasping as his body still trembled with pleasure from his fantasy lover’s touches.

He fell back against the pillows, sighing to himself as he bundled one of them into his arms. For a moment his eyes flickered closed, easily conjuring up the wonderful world he visited in every dream.

He opened his blue eyes again, smiling as he thought of her. Every night she came to him in his dream now… and he was falling in love deeper every night.

His feet were not on the ground now. He was walking on water.


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