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During the next few days, Brian was relieved to see Sammy beginning to act more like his usual self. He was still quiet at times but Brian knew that it would take time for Sammy to recover and he knew that the wounds caused by his mother’s death would stay with him for the rest of his life.

Brian made sure that Sammy knew that he was here if he needed him and Sammy often now came down to help him out with the cooking or cleaning or sometimes he would just come down and ask for a hug. Brian almost felt like crying every time Sammy called him ‘dadduy’. He didn’t do it all the time but Brian loved it all the same. He had always wanted children and even though Sammy wasn’t his own flesh and blood, it really did feel as if Sammy were his son.

On the third day, Brian took Sammy shopping again. This time, they just went to the local supermarket, as Sammy had told Brian that he disliked the huge shopping centres with crowds of people.

He seemed much happier in the supermarket and had fun while Brian pushed him around in the trolley. At one point, he noticed Sammy staring at the far end of one of the aisles.

“What’s the matter?” Brian asked.

“There’s was someone watching us,” Sammy replied, pointing at the top end of the aisle.

“Probably just a fan. A lot of them are curious about you.”

Sammy nodded but still seemed a little uncomfortable. Brian noticed the way he looked about them nervously.


That night, Kevin went with Brian and Sammy to the cinema. Luckily, it was a fairly quiet night so there were very few fans about. They only had to sign a couple of autographs while Sammy got offered sweets and popcorn from the fans. The attention didn’t seem to bother Sammy. He seemed quite pleased at all of the attention. Either that or he was just too happy being offered popcorn from everyone.

Kevin grinned when Brian bought Sammy a cookie dough ice cream. Sammy chewed on his nails until Brian handed him the cone of delicious ice cream.

“You’re just like Brian, Sammy,” Kevin said.

“Huh?” Sammy asked, more interested in his ice cream.

Kevin grinned as he also saw Brian eating his ice cream, not paying any attention to what was being said. “Nothing.”

The film didn’t finish till late and Sammy was yawning as he happily chatted about the film with Brian. Kevin smiled as he noticed Sammy mimicking Brian’s accent slightly. Brian was definitely rubbing off on Sammy.

In the car, Brian sat in the back with a very sleepy Sammy. It wasn’t long before Sammy was slumped against Brian’s shoulder fast asleep.

“How’s everything been going?” Kevin asked.

“Great,” Brian said grinning.

“You were worried that his mother’s death might send him over the edge, though. How’s he doing?”

“He was really miserable the first day. He wouldn’t talk or anything and I was so worried about him but I think he’s getting used to it. He’s recovering from the shock nicely, but I know that it still upsets him at times.”

“It’ll take time.”

“I know,” Brian said. “He started calling me daddy the other day.”

Kevin stared at Brian. “Seriously?”

Brian couldn’t help smiling slightly. “He asked me if he could and I said yes.”

“Aaaww, he’s such a sweet kid and he loves you more than anything. You got the adoption papers yet?”

Brian shook his head. “I have to wait until the review’s over with. If they think I’m a fit parent, then there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Only a monster would try to take Sammy away from you. You two are made for each other. Anyone who didn’t know better would think he was your own son! He even acts like you!”

“Huh?” Brian asked, biting his nails.

“He does! The little things he says and the way he acts, he’s exactly the same as you!”

“He’s not!”

“He is! He’s even started to bite his nails!”

Brian pulled his fingers from his mouth. “Every kid does that!”

“If you say so!”

Kevin dropped Brian and Sammy back at Brian’s house. Sammy was still asleep, so Brian had to carry him inside.

As he watched them go inside, Kevin smiled to himself. His cousin had really brightened up since Sammy had entered his life. He was much more responsible and mature now. He just hoped that Brian would be able to keep Sammy. If anything went wrong, then he knew that it would tear his cousin to bits. On the other hand, if Brian did keep Sammy then there was no telling what would happen to the band. Could Brian balance everything out? Most important of all, would he be allowed to keep Sammy when they went back on tour?


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