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He was walking along the crowded street when he passed the news stand. An elderly man was dozing on a chair and the papers were stacked on a stall beside him. He stopped and read the closest paper.

Last night, there was a break in at the local children’s home ‘The Children’s Sunshine Home’. The police report that nobody was hurt and that no money or valuables were taken. It is unclear what the purpose of the break in was. The children are a little nervous but are continuing their every day activities. A nurse Hilary Archer says –

He scowled slightly as he threw the paper roughly down. Could those fools do nothing right?

“He wasn’t there!”

“Then where is he?”

“We don’t know!”

They would never find him at this rate…

Suddenly, a bright, glossy magazine caught his gaze. There was a picture of a band on the front. There was a smaller picture beside it, though. One that showed a blurry photo of one of the band members holding hands with a little boy. Neither of them were facing the camera, clearly it was a shot some passer by had taken. The child’s blond hair was unmistakable…


He snatched the magazine and flicked through it to locate the article. There were even more blurry photos, probably taken by the same amateur as the one on the front. There were several shots of the man and the boy in a park. He began to read.

Millionaire Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell (26) has recently been trying to foster a young boy Sammy Brooks (5). The pop idol has been granted a trial period with the child and, if seen as a fit parent, will be granted the role as foster parent.

He could feel his face beginning to burn with anger. He rolled the magazine up and stormed away along the street.

“Hey! You have to pay for that!”

The man stopped and turned to face the old man. He walked right up to him and then pulled a gun from his coat.

“Or what?” he threatened.


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