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Sammy was in a dream like state as he sat, tightly clutching his rucksack in Hilary’s office. It had felt like the end of the world when his mother had abandoned him but now he would have a home again. Brian may not be a real family member but it felt like he was to Sammy because he loved him so much. Best of all, Brian loved him back and that was what Sammy wanted more than anything.

“All set, sweetie?” Hilary asked, pulling some forms from a drawer.

Sammy nodded. He was too excited to talk.

“If there are any problems then tell your social worked when he comes to visit you. That’ll be next week, okay?”

Sammy nodded again, but he was certain that there wouldn’t be any problems.

Brian arrived at quarter to twelve and was shown into Hilary’s office by Jo, the receptionist. Brian gave Sammy one of his sweet smiles.

“You’re still prepared to take Sammy?” Hilary asked.

“Yes,” Brian replied firmly, giving Sammy another smile.

“Okay, if you’ll sign these forms and then you can take him home.”

Sammy held his breath while Brian took the sheets of paper from Hilary. He scanned them with his eyes and then signed them all, one by one. Sammy sat very still but as soon as Brian had put the pen down and handed Hilary her forms back, he ran over to him and Brian caught him up in his arms, laughing.

“That’s it then?” Brian asked.

“Yes, until the main review in two weeks time where we’ll assess your progress with Sammy.”

Sammy hugged Brian tightly as he was carried out of the home. The home – it had never been HIS home. He was so happy that he thought he would burst. He could barely sit still while Brian drove them both home, singing songs.

At last now, Sammy knew that he could be happy with no fears for the future. His home was with Brian now and Sammy knew that nothing could ever hurt him again and that nothing was going to tear them apart.


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