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Marry Meeeeeeeeeeee!

I wrote this for a challenge...
Leading boys: Nick and/or AJ
Theme: A marriage proposal gone horribly wrong… or horribly right.
Colour: Ebony
Season: Spring


“Ajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay,” Nick drawled as he fell forward and collapsed in his friend’s arms.

“Uh, hey Nick,” AJ said uncertainly. He looked down at his friend and then wrinkled his nose up as the smell of alcohol reached his nose. Lots of alcohol at that. “Geez man, you stink!” He pushed Nick away from him and watched as the blond sunk unceremoniously to the ground.

“Ammmbableeeeerg,” Nick mumbled as he raised his head to look about him before allowing his face to drop down straight into the carpet.

AJ had previously been about to chill out with a walkman when a strange creature banging clumsily at his hotel door had awoken him. That strange creature had turned out to be Nick… or some deranged form of Nick.

AJ sighed and leant down beside him. “Are you drunk?” he said, careful not to step too close to Nick.

Nick looked at him, his baby blue eyes clouded with the mistiness of alcohol. “I’m not a drink. What ya talkin’ about Howie?”

AJ could not help but grin slightly as he remembered how sweet and innocence Nick had been until AJ had met him…“You’re drunk.”

“Nonononononononon,” Nick protested as he rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling above him. “Wow, this place is niiiiiiiiiiiice. It’s got pretty spots on the ceiling. Look, purples and yellows and reds and - ”

“It’s exactly the same as your own room,” AJ pointed out. “And the ceiling is white.”

“Are you sure?”

“Never mind.”

“Oh.” Nick thought hard for a moment, his forehead creasing in deep thought. “What was I saying again?”

“I have no idea.”

Nick sighed dreamily as he crossed his arms across his chest. “I asked whats-her-name to marry me today,” he said, smiling at AJ knowingly.


“You know, that…” Nick hesitated. “Girl.”

“What girl?”

“The one I met in the club.”

“Er… what did she say?”

“She said….” Nick’s brow furrowed. “I don’t really remember.”


“I want to get married,” Nick said. “Will you marry me AJ?”

“Sorry, no.”

“Aw, Brian turned me down to.”

This was getting worse by the minute. “You asked Brian to marry you?”

“Yeah and he said noooooooooooooooo. How could he do that to me? He’s my best fwend. He bwoke my heart. I wanted to marry him in the spring and he could wear a white dress and there would be flowers and a cake and burgers and people and - ”

“Nick, I really think you’re drunk.”

“But I wanna marry that girl and Brian and you… do you want to marry me?”


Nick’s face puckered slightly and then he began to wail. “No one loves me! It’s so unfair! Not one marrirriage propus…” Nick spluttered slightly over the word. “Proporep… Prupossal went right today! It’s not fair!” Nick suddenly began to cry. “I want you to marry me AJ! You can wear a pweety dress!”

“I don’t want to wear a dress! I’m a guy Nick! You marry girls, not guys!”

Nick lazily flopped a hand out to his side to bash AJ on the knees. “You’d make a wovely woman AJ.”

“Cheers mate,” AJ said. “Why don’t you go to bed and sleep this off?”

“Wassat?” Nick asked.

“B.E.D. Sleep,” AJ tried as he started to haul Nick up by the shoulders.

Nick suddenly flung his arms about AJ. “Marry meeeeeeeeeeeee!” He put on a desperate face. “Please!”

“Nick, I love you buddy but not - ”

“Thank you!” Nick cried as he held AJ’s hand to his mouth and placed a wet, sloppy kiss upon it.

AJ dropped Nick upon his bed and then wiped his hand on the sleeve of his t-shirt.

“We’ll be very happy! We’ll dance under an ebony black midnight sky with the milky moonlight shining down upon us and I’ll say I love you…”

‘What the hell is he going on about?’ AJ wondered.

Nick suddenly frowned and stared up at him. “Who are you again?”

“AJ,” AJ said as he tried to turn Nick over so that he was lying upon the bed without his arms and legs sprawled over the side.

Nick looked at him hard. “You’re a man.” He pointed at AJ accusingly. “Why did I want to marry you?”

“I really don’t know.”

“I wanna marry that girl… some girl… any girl. Or Kevin will do if I can’t find a girl…” Nick’s voice was suddenly replaced by a long, loud snore.

AJ patted his shoulder. “Whoever marries you is really gonna have a handful.”


Author Note: OMG! I won an award for this!

Days Of thunder Awards - Funniest Scene

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