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Fatal Consequences
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Brian watched as the scenery to either side of them flew by with a violent force. He was shivering as he glanced through the wind shield at the approaching world. It was all coming so fast.

Nervously he glanced across at Liam and found that the huge man’s eyes were fixed angrily upon the road before them. He drew off the old, woodland road onto a more crowded area. Brian whimpered as he swerved about a truck and clung onto the door handle to prevent himself from smacking into anything.

He glanced in the mirror, praying for the sight of panda police cars, but there was nothing. No hope in sight…

“They’ll catch us,” he whispered to Liam.

“No they won’t,” Liam replied, his dark, angry eyes never moving from the road.

“It’s over.”

“Don’t you wish?”

“You don’t have a gun. You can’t shoot me anymore!” Brian snapped, shivering as he remembered seeing the gun pointing at Kevin’s head.

“You’re dying,” Liam said harshly. “There is no escape from what you have done.”

Brian gulped slightly, his mouth dry. “I haven’t done anything wrong. I was protecting myself.” He knew that now. He had never wanted to kill Adam.

“You’re a murderer. You killed Adam and you tried to kill me.”

“You tried to kill my friends!” Brian snapped back, but at the same time there was an awful twisting inside of his chest as he remembered the fell of the trigger within his hands. He had come so close…

“You deserved it!” Liam screamed. He turned to Brian, his eyes glinting and Brian instinctively cringed away. His fingers wound their way about the door handle, but he knew it was locked.

Suddenly there was a wailing sound of sirens screeching after them. Brian turned his head and saw the flashing lights of saviours approaching. The police were after them. Liam couldn’t escape now. He had no gun and no way to kill Brian.

“They’re coming,” Brian sad.

“You think you’re saved, but you’re not,” Liam hissed. “You’re not getting away. I’m going to join my brother and you’re coming with me so that we can torture you in hell.”

“What?” Brian asked, his body freezing as the words embedded themselves within his heart. He turned to Liam to try and see what he was going to do, but his gaze had turned back to the road. “What are you going to do?” he said nervously.

Liam did not reply. Instead he banged his foot down harder upon the accelerator. Brian was pushed back in his seat with the force of the acceleration as the car leapt forward in a fearsome burst of speed. He gasped as a car skidded out of their way as Liam crossed through red lights. He swerved around a corner and Brian covered his head as they came ominously close to a street light. He turned his head and saw the flashing police car still following them.

Everything was becoming a haze. They were travelling so fast and the lights about them were dazzling. Brian’s mind jumped and screamed as more and more cars bellowed their horns and skidded out of the way of Liam’s frenzied driving.

Each time he would glance in the mirror at the police behind them before taking an extra hard turn that would shake Brian’s very soul.

Liam swore as the car still followed close behind and a pedestrian out late at night screamed in terror as Liam went crashing into them. Brian found himself screaming as well as the woman flew from the bonnet and hit the curb. He glanced behind them, but couldn’t see her anymore.

“Liam, stop this!” he screamed.

When he didn’t reply, Brian’s hands gripped the seat below him even tighter. He stared across at Liam, begging him to realise the danger he was causing to other people.

“Liam, you’re hurting innocents! I know you want to hurt me, but people out there haven’t done anything to you!”

Liam smirked slightly and swerved them around another corner, only just missing the end of a lorry on the road. Brian ducked in his seat, half expecting something to smash into the window any second. He stared across at Liam and then at the lights still chasing them. He suddenly lashed out and tried to seize the steering wheel, wanting to stop them somehow.

“Fucking get off!” Liam screamed, the very loudness of his voice causing Brian to tremble. He wrenched Brian’s sweaty hand from the steering wheel and pushed him viciously away. Brian cried out as his bruised arm hit the window and he cuddled the limb to him reassuringly.

“If you want this to be over Brian, I’ll fucking end it!”

Liam turned the car again and then pushed the accelerator down as far as it would go. Brian stared through the windshield and his eyes widened as he saw a brick building straight ahead of them.

“Turn!” he screamed.

Liam did not make any move, his eyes were determinedly fixed ahead at the wall. He took a deep breath and then leaned back ins his seat.

“There’s a building ahead!” Brian cried.

Liam did not move, nor did he say a word.

Brian’s hand tangled about the handle of the car door and he began to tug at it viciously, but it would not move or allow him freedom. “Liam! You’re going to kill us both! You as well!”

Liam glanced at him, his dark eyes burrowing into Brian’s own blue. He turned back to the windshield, preparing for the blow that was to come.

Brian frantically began to hit buttons upon the panel in front of him, praying to find something that would unlock the doors. He lanced up and saw the wall coming.

His hand once again seized the door handle while the other continued it’s search for something to help him. The tears streamed down his face as he watched the bricks drawing ever closer.

Liam was going to kill them both.

“You’ll kill us both!” Brian said.

Everything was blurring into a horrible mess of coloured lights as his tears reflected everything around them. He desperately gave the door a final tug… and then screamed and covered his head as the bricks bared down upon them.

* * * * *

“BRIAN!” Kevin yelled from the back of the police car. “Brian!”

He watched, in slow motion almost, as Liam’s car plunged into the old, brick building before it. He leaned forward in his seat and gasped as the car was replaced with an orange ball of flames that roared out into the street.

The cop, Lawson, drew the car to a halt and he stared at the scene before them as the few other drivers upon the road slowed to stare at the tragic accident.

“Oh my God…” Lawson’s partner whispered.

Kevin couldn’t say anything. Tears streamed down his face, but he couldn’t sob. He couldn’t believe what his eyes were telling him. He couldn’t believe that it had been Brian in that car… His eyes found the part of the furnace where Brian would have been.

Lawson leapt out of the police car, his partner close on his heels as they shouted to the gathering spectators to keep back away from the blaze.

Kevin remained in his seat, his hands either side of him as he watched Lawson push the people back. He found his head lowering to stare at the bottom of the car below him as a huge sob shook his body.

He glanced back up and then his heart flickered inside of him as he saw Lawson leaning down beside something beside the wreck.

Kevin gasped as he wrenched the door open. He struggled with the safety belt before throwing it venomously aside. He sobbed again as he ran from the car towards Lawson and the bundle beside him. The wind was blowing the heat from the fire into his face and incinerating the tears but he ignored the blast and ran straight towards it.

“Is he alive?” he screamed frantically as he knelt down beside Lawson.

Brian lie at his feet, his face plastered in mud, blood and a few red burns from his proximity to the blast. What could be seen of his skin was either ghostly pale or blackened with bruises. His eyes fluttered open and the y rolled vacantly over to Kevin.

Lawson nodded. “He’s all right. Just shocked. He got out just before the car hit.”

Kevin sober again, this time in desperate relief as he smiled down at his cousin. “Brian.”

Brian opened his mouth, but nothing audible came out. He moaned and then his eyes closed again.

“Get an ambulance!” Lawson screamed to his partner. “He’s still alive!”

Brian weakly stretched one of his hands out as his eyes opened again and focused upon Kevin. “Kev…”

Kevin clasped his hand and squeezed it, but it only caused his cousin to moan in pain as he hurt the tender skin. Kevin lightly placed a hand upon Kevin’s face to gently wipe the splatters of mud away from Brian’s face, careful not to hurt him even more.

“He doesn’t look good,” Kevin said to Lawson.

“Shock,” the officer replied. “I’m not sure about the physical injuries though. They look nasty.” He glanced down at the bruises that covered Brian’s exposed skin in concern. “He’s lucky to have gotten out of the car.”

The crowds around them were trying to press closer for a better look, but Lawson jumped to his feet to try and keep them back. Kevin slipped his own coat off and placed it lightly over Brian. “It’s all right, he whispered as he leant down close to speak in his ear.

Brian’s lips moved slightly, but Kevin couldn’t hear the words he spoke. He leant down closer to him. “Is it over?” Brian whispered faintly.

“Yeah it’s over,” he replied. “It’s over Brian.”

Brian smiled slightly and then leaned his head against Kevin’s knee as his eyes flickered closed, sealing him away from the blaze of the crash.

“You sleep Brian,” Kevin said softly. “It’s all over now.”

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