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Fatal Consequences
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Damn that incompetent idiot! He’d had a backstage pass, courtesy of one of his ‘insiders’ of course. How could he fail!

Idiot, idiot, idiot! Fucking idiot!

The same words spun about his head as he glared at the picture he had pinned up on the wall of the Backstreet Boys. He seized another dart from the table and flung it angrily at the picture.

It had been so easy… He’d told the guy where to get the drugs from and the exact time to put them in the bag. What had gone wrong?

One of Brian’s little friends had gotten in the way and he hadn’t even managed to kill him. The other Backstreet Boys might be more trouble than he had originally thought they would. He would have to get them out of the way…

It was time to stop relying on other people. The man he’d sent to place the drugs had failed… so maybe he should take a more personal approach. Why get other people to do it when he could have so much fun himself?

He typed the e-mail out to ‘Dave Kemal’ to tell him exactly what he thought of him.

‘Fucking idiot! Imbecile! Stupid fucker!’

He wouldn’t be calling him anymore… He’d already hired a guy to shoot him. Why not? He was tired of pathetic shits who did nothing but mess up and this was no the first time this man had let him down. Besides he was in a bad mood and he would feel happier after killing somebody… preferably a Backstreet Boy but that would take time. And he felt like killing somebody now.

The Backstreet boys… he could have fun with the five of them. They shared a close bond apparently, so whatever he did to one of them would affect the others. How would they react when they realised that their precious Brian was going to be torn from them forever? Why where they even so bothered about the little murderer anyway?

Now then… he needed to find out what poor little Brian was going to do next. The tour was going to be postponed, he knew that much so where would his target go? Home perhaps? (abundant fun to be had if he was alone…) or back to his cousin’s? Or maybe to his beloved family?


What could he do to him next? Obviously, he wasn’t going to get him sent down. The police knew someone had tried to frame him and would be watching out for any other false accusations.

Damn! He had been looking forward to having Brian behind bars! He had friends in jail who he knew could give Brian what he deserved. The guy wouldn’t last a week in that place… A few days with the murderers, rapists and assaulters were bound to lead poor, poor Brian to hang himself with his own bed sheets.

Aaww… poor baby…

Unfortunately, it was doubtful he could even get him into jail anymore, so what else could do?

Attack him?

Murder him?

Torture him?

Torture… that could be fun. He could make him suffer before having the pleasure of killing him. He shared a close bond with his friends… a very close bond. He would have to arrange for something to happen to one of his friends when they went back on tour.

He idly picked up another dart and threw it at the picture, watching as it speared one of them straight through the head. Yeah, he’d get that one when they went back on tour and, unlike the one who’d been stabbed, he wouldn’t make it out of the hospital alive.

He glanced down at the sheet of paper beside his computer and identified the Backstreet Boy he had just chosen. Yes, that one would have a little treat coming his way.

In the mean time, he would play with Brian. The tour would be postponed for at least a week, probably more. Plenty of time to play. He would be a nervous wreck by the time the tour began and then he was going to get another shock in the form of a dead band mate.

He would plan that closer to the time. He circled the name on his piece of paper to remind him. Now he had to find out what Brian was planning to do in the break

He laughed to himself as he reached for his cell phone. It was time for him to act and let Brian see exactly what he had gotten involved in.

By the end of the month, that Backstreet Boy would be dead.

But in the mean time he could have some fun…

A lot of fun.

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