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Fatal Consequences
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He sniggered as he read the latest report on Brian's behaviour. "Aaww, did my little message scare you?" he said, speaking to the picture of Brian that he held in his hands.

Oh, but there was so much more to come. He was beginning to feel pleased that he had decided to take Brian's punishment into his own hands, but it was a shame that he couldn't have the fun of imagining him in jail. He had several friends inside and he smiled as he imagined what they would do to poor Brian. He was a pretty boy after all and some of the lads were bound to be able to have some fun with him before battering him nothing more than a bloody lump.

That was quite a pleasant thought actually…

He smirked to himself as he crossed over to his computer. He flexed his fingers for a moment before setting to his research on the Internet. He was certain that he could find the locations of the boys' concerts.

Fans… Thank you to whoever created fans. Why have your own spies when thousands of teenage girls were willing to splatter any information they had about their beloved band all over their web pages?

He glanced down at the notebook in his hands which had everything from Brian's address to his cell number, of course he would have to confirm that the number was correct. Maybe he could leave a loving message to him… but it would be little fun unless he could see his face. That was the one thing that bothered him the most…. That he couldn't see Brian's reactions himself to all of his little tricks.

He would see him soon enough…

He returned to the same site that he had found Brian's address on and searched for the addresses of his cousin. He knew that the information here was reliable, he could hardly believe his luck when he had drove to the house to check it out and saw that it really did belong to a millionaire Backstreet boy with hundreds of goodies ready to be robbed. It had been too perfect… why bother with ordinary people when you could become rich by breaking into a single house?

If only things hadn't have backfired…

But Brian would pay for that…

He carefully wrote down Kevin's address and grinned to himself. He couldn't let Brian think that he had forgotten about him...

He reached for a pen ad then scribbled a note on the grubby paper.

'I haven't forgotten what you did, Brian. I'll never forget what you've done to me.' It was true. Brian had as good as killed him…

He placed the note into an envelope and wrote the cousin's address onto the front of it. He knew that he wasn't at his own home and this was where he would most likely be. As an after thought he slid the set of Brian's house keys into the envelope. Brian was bound to have changed the locks and he wouldn't need keys to his house while Brian was on tour. What was the pleasure in leaving notes and messages in his house if he wouldn't see them for months? Anyway the cops would be watching the place and he couldn't afford to be caught. He had been careful so far and he needed to continue to do so.

He sealed the envelope and shoved into a bag, making a mental note to buy some stamps. He would post it in a day or so. For the biggest impact he wanted Brian to be feeling safe when he received it.

Now he had to prepare the next stage of his plan.

Brian in prison. That would be the best thing he could possibly do. Brian suffering and unable to run because there was nowhere to run in prison. The boys on the inside were bound to give him a warming welcome anyway.

Now he just had to find a way to get Brian into jail.

And he had the perfect idea…

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