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Alien Invasion!

"Hey guys!" Nick called, excitedly dashing into the room. "It says on the Internet that there's gonna be an alien invasion today!" he fell down beside Brian and AJ on the couch proudly.

Outside the hotel it was raining and the guys had opted to stay inside until the showers cleared. Idly they lounged about Kevin's hotel rooms, everyone too bored and too lazy to do anything better than sit around.

"Get real Nick," Kevin replied, not even taking his attention off of the sandwich he was eating.

"Yeah, don't believe everything you read," Brian added. "Hey, it says here that if you pour orange juice on your sneakers, it cleans them. I might try that," he added, as he eyes the muddy sneakers that he had ruined while playing soccer with AJ and Nick the other day. He picked them up and made his way to the small refrigerator.

AJ watched him go, an eyebrow raised. "Nick, don’t' believe everything you read or you might metamorph into a Brian," he whispered quietly.

"It's true!" Nick protested. "Someone picked up this tiny signal from an alien space ship and they say they're going to land today and kill us all!"

"Good, then I can rest in peace," Howie said from his comfortable lounging position upon an armchair. He yawned slightly and then closed his eyes to return to sleep.

"You're a dumbass Nick," AJ said, turning hi CD walkman on and placing the headphones on.

"It might happen!"

"Um… guys, it's not working!" Brian called. "Darn, I got orange juice all over my shirt!"

"Brian you're an idiot," AJ said, tilting his cap over his eyes.

"Cuz, orange juice is more likely to cause stains than to clean them up," Kevin pointed out as he gulped the rest of his lunch down.

"Forget the orange juice! What about the aliens?" Nick demanded. "They might eat us, or laser us or use an anal probe or - "

"A what?" Kevin asked. "What the hell do you read on the Internet. No, wait I don't wanna know how you found out about anal probes!"

"Nick, whatever they do to you, it'll be an improvement," Howie said sleepily.

"You'll see!" Nick sulked. "Aliens will land and you'll know I was right. Hey Brian, how's about a bet? Ten bucks that aliens will land!"

"Yeah all right. I'll need the money for a new shirt," Brian said.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, in Earth's orbit…

Commander Gratchett of the Gronolian space ship Gigantica leaned forward in his seat and frowned. He addressed the pilot, Glakis, the only other crewmember; “Are you sure that we did not take a wrong turn at that last black hole?”

“Yes sir. Sure sir,” replied Glakis.

“I was informed that the planet ‘Earth’ was similar to our own, with mountains, oceans, forests…” Gratchett trailed off and looked out of the small diamond shaped window. Stretching as far as they could see was, what looked like, a grey- brown fog. Every window on the ship gave the same view. The scanners showed… nothing. This was a huge disappointment.

This mission was important to the Gronolians. Their colonies were so badly overcrowded that they needed another suitable planet to set up a new one. They had heard that a nearby planet called ‘Earth’ had the atmosphere they needed and that it would be perfect for a new colony. They had also been informed that it was swarming with an ugly race of weak, pitiful aliens known as ‘Hu – Mans’.

It had seemed an easy assignment. Their orders had been to travel to ‘Earth’ and assess its suitability as being developed into a new Gronolian colony. If it were suitable, then an extermination team would move in to destroy the ‘Hu – Mans’.

“It would seem that ‘Earth’ is nothing like we expected,” said Gratchett.

“No sir. Not like we expected sir,” said Glakis.

“Not at all worthy of being made into one of our great Gronolian colonies,” continued the commander.

“No sir. Not worthy sir.”

“Let’s have a look around while we are here. Extend the legs, Glakis.

“Yes sir. Extending legs sir,” said Glakis as he pulled a lever and pressed two bright yellow buttons.

The silver lemon shaped ship extended two long, spindly legs and began pacing about through the dull, grey world of ‘Earth’.

“Still nothing,” murmured Gratchett.

“Nothing sir,” confirmed Glakis.

“Retract the legs and initiate the take off procedure. Let us leave this little grey planet. Set a course for Gronolia.

“Yes sir. Course set sir.”

Slowly, Gigantica retracted its legs and powered up its engines at the back. With as much grace as a drunken duck, the silver ship rose off of the ground.

“I wonder what ever became of the ugly little ‘Hu – Mans’? Perhaps some natural disaster destroyed them and their planet,” pondered Gratchett.

“Yes sir. Must have been sir.”


“Yes sir?”

“Shut up.”

“Yes sir.”

* * * * *

Brian smiled as he squinted up at the weak sunlight. It had been raining all day and this was the first time he had dared to venture outside. He leaned upon the railings outside of the hotel and stared at the puddles that adorned the hotel's steps.

His eyes widened slightly as he saw a tiny, teeny spaceship emerge from the puddle before flying up into the air. His mouth feel open slightly as he watched it disappear above him.

"No… I did not see that…" he said. "I so did not see that… Damn, I owe Nick ten bucks."



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